Websites to enjoy!

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Ø Battle of the Books - "creating literacy and the enjoyment of reading". Battle of the Books encourages students in grades 3-12 to read good literature and then show off their knowledge and skills by competing in a full day tournament.
Ø Hoagies’ Hot Reading Lists - Find you interesting books to read from all genres.
Ø Beaver and Steve – Cartoon that discusses science and math topics.

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Ø Cool Math - Interactive math site featuring games and activities that build mathematical concepts.
Ø Absurd Math – Game series centered on mathematical problem solving.
Ø Girls Go Tech – Website for girls to explore careers in science and mathematics as well as play mathematical games.

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Ø First Lego League - Jr. Robotic Competitions for children ages 9 -14.
Ø New Periodic Table – Learn about the elements of the periodic table through interactive games.
Ø The Periodic Table of Videos – Videos to explain all 118 elements of the periodic table.

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Ø Free Puzzles - This site contains puzzles on a variety of topics such as geometry, logic, math, etc. Difficulty level ratings allow you to choose the level that is appropriate for you.
Ø Hoagies’ Brain Teasers, Optical Illusions, & Logic Links –Variety of puzzles and brain teasers to stretch your brain.
Ø Chess Variants – Play chess by different rules.

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Ø Strategy games for the whole family!

Ø Wonderful websites for grades 3-6